Daughter’s chocolate

Today is a special treat — a guest post from my eight-year-old daughter. She made this chocolate a week ago for us. Here is her writing, unadorned.

Suraiya’s Chocolate

First put cocoa butter in a pot and melt it.

pedicure and other things 011 pedicure and other things 014

After that is done, mix powdered milk, icing sugar and cocoa powder in a different bowl.

pedicure and other things 005 pedicure and other things 007

Add the cocoa butter you melted to your mixture. Then add a little bit of vanilla. After you’re done with that mix it well.

pedicure and other things 017

Then pour it into moulds and put it in the fridge. Wait for 2 hours before you take it out.

pedicure and other things 019

She learned this recipe from watching this lady called Karma on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “Daughter’s chocolate

  1. My daughter has been asking to make chocolate in some Harry Potter frog moulds we’ve had for a while, but I didn’t have a recipe. Thank you for this! Now I just need to figure out where on earth to buy cocoa butter.


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