Genetically modified crops

Computer image of DNA (source: The Guardian Photograph: Doug Struthers/Getty Images)

Computer image of DNA (source: The Guardian Photograph: Doug Struthers/Getty Images)

My writings on on the subject of genetically modified crops, in chronological order:

GMO case study: Roundup Ready crops.

The GMO debate as a fable.

GMO cotton and the Indian farmer.

Interview with an Indian GMO farmer.

Talking to a Vidarbha Bt cotton farmer.

The many faces of E. coli

The original Frankenfoods

Were the seeds of suicide sown 200 years ago?

Profile of an Indian GM farmer: high-tech seeds on a traditional farm



4 thoughts on “Genetically modified crops

  1. Your article on ecoli was fascinating and detailed. It was a good reminder of where this all started and maybe even some of its benefits including cheese, insulin, and yeasts.

    However, it seems as if the regulatory framework has disintegrated to a point that leaves the American public as the lab animals for the science that is 100x faster than the law and lawmakers ever could be.

    Who is developing the policies that keeps the public safe while allowing innovation to play its role in the food industry? Are you aware of reasonable plans that can be shared and do you have any suggestions of your own?

    Thank you for the time, effort, and thoughtfulness that you put into your articles and website.


  2. It is depressing that we have no say about GMO. They have forced it on farmers, into food stores, and on customers. There is no way avoiding GMO food anymore.
    If anybody thinks that food full of viruses can benefit their health they better think twice.
    I don’t know, but it seems that this whole century is about human race failure. All you have to do is look around…


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