Indian gravy bases

These are spicy gravy-like mixes that one can cook anything into, and make a meal: be it chicken, meat, paneer, tofu, or a variety of vegetables. Made more liquid, the dish goes well with rice, and made drier, the dish goes well with chapatis.

The simplest: browned onion tomato gravy.

A creamy, tomato-ey, delicious one: tomato-cream korma.

Featuring aromatics that most people find intriguing: garlic-fenugreek gravy.

Smoky with dry red chili but only as hot as you want: Chili-tomato-garlic gravy.

Created by the Portuguese who colonized Goa until 1960: the famous spicy, vinegary Goan Xacuti / Malvani gravy.

An everyday preparation that is full of such glassy perfection that you must not disturb a single ingredient: Tomato-garlic gravy.


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