An early summer beverage

Spiced buttermilk

Spiced buttermilk with cilantro flower

Summer has come early to San Francisco this year; sometimes it feels like it never left. With climate change looming, this is not as good news as it might seem. But let’s not worry our pretty little food-blogging heads about this just yet and cool off with this yogurt beverage.

Spiced buttermilk: Neeru majjige

This is another specialty from the southern state of Karnataka from my friend Rashmi. Just think — instead of reaching for a sugary soda you could cool down with a tall glass of spicy yogurty neeru majjige. Better to taste and way better for your body.

Ingredients for Neeru Majjige

All the ingredients

Blend it

Blend it

Strain it

Strain it

Squeeze dry

Squeeze this stuff dry

Spiced buttermilk

Done – spiced buttermilk

Spiced Buttermilk (Neeru Majjige)

  • A cup of yogurt
  • A cup to cup and a half water
  • Quarter inch ginger
  • Half a green chili
  • Few sprigs cilantro
  • Quarter teaspoon salt

Simpler than simple. Blend all the ingredients together. Strain it. Squeee–eeee-ze the green remains dry. The mixture is a pale green, the squeezing will drip delicious light green drops on it. Refrigerate for half hour if you like.

Garnish with a sprig of cilantro, or like I did, a cilantro flower from the garden.


14 thoughts on “An early summer beverage

    • Annie,
      Good question that I don’t know the answer to. In India, buttermilk and yogurt are rarely distinguished, except that if you mix in water with yogurt that is called ‘buttermilk’. I’ve never understood why this is so. Now I realize that the meaning of buttermilk is what is left behind after making butter. So where did we get that word from? Don’t know. Research subject.
      One clue though — when I do buy actual ‘buttermilk’ at the store in America, labeled as such, it tastes suspiciously like yogurt that’s been watered down.


  1. We make a very similar drink called ‘neer mor’ in Tamil Nadu, adding asafoetida powder to the above ingredients minus the green chilly. I love those, waiting for summer!


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