My Thanksgiving Recap

Rerunning my thanksgiving post from last year, because it is that time again….

The Odd Pantry

IMG_3855Thanksgiving is one of my favorite American holidays, because — well, that’s easy. It involves cooking!

It took me a long time to warm to the taste of turkey. But having married into an American family that loves their annual turkey dinner, I didn’t really have a choice. It was a love-it-or-leave-it type of deal…well, maybe never quite that harsh. But I was certainly scared straight. I began to not only enjoy that once bland, inscrutable meat, but also crave it. And on the years that we are away from family (like this one), my husband demands a ‘proper’ American turkey meal. In other words, no garam masala in the pumpkin pie, like the White House chef once did¹. No chilies in the cranberry sauce either!

I’ve had a lot of learning to do, but now I can pull off a decent-sized turkey meal with each item made from scratch…

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4 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Recap

    • Interesting question. For me, the point of these food centered holidays is to anchor you back (once a year) to those familiar tastes. So I tend to stick with that (also, as I said in the post, hubby demands the standards). But if I wasn’t wildly experimenting the rest of the year I might feel compelled to do so on TGiving.
      What’s your policy? Do you have a holiday like this in the UK?


      • I love Thanksgiving as a festival of gratitude and family, and I try to give it to my kids here. But I also feel sadness and anger that there’s so much un-truth the Native American story around this time of year and regarding the foods, so I try to incorporate discussion of this into the meal– don’t feel I can let the horrible history not be discussed.. Also, Hubby always wants Bread Sauce is we have a turkey, so I go with that. I’m working to figure out what abundance can mean without gluttony or excess or waste, as well. My food tends to be traditional too, but I try to be imaginative I guess…. Maybe I’ll check in with you in a few weeks xxx


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